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Labcompliance News, December 2000

Dec 8, 2000

ISO 9001:2000 Passed by an Overwhelming Majority.

The new ISO 9000 standard has been approved and is now official. The standard is being published on December 15, 2000. Your organization will have up to three years to make the transition to the new standard. Your registrar may come up with policies to encourage you to make the transition sooner. Talk to your registrar to find out their policies for the transition. Click here to see the major difference to the old standard. For FAQ's and answers on the new standard, click here.

Dec 8, 2000

New Publication: 21 CFR Part 11: Importance of Instrument Control and Data Acquisition

The fifth installment of the series outlines the requirements and techniques for controlling the analytical instrument and data transfer from the detector to the computer. Different levels of control and feedback from the instrument facilitate compliance with part 11 and make it convenient and easy to document. We will also discuss the key strengths and weaknesses of typical communication protocols used for analytical instrumentation. Finally, we will give recommendations for the selection of instrument control and data acquisition systems.