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Seven 2-Day life seminars with 
Dr. Ludwig Huber

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April 10,  2017


Online Audio Seminars come with 10+ Best Practice guides for easy implementation


Quality by Design (QbD) for Development and Validation of Analytical Methods

With focus on the analytical lifecycle
Recorded, available at any time


FDA Compliant IT Infrastructure and Network Qualification 

With Strategies and Tool Kit for Compliance and System Uptime

Recorded, available at any time


Ensuring Data Integrity for FDA/EU Compliance
Comply with FDA Part 11 and EU/PICS Annex 11 for paper, electronic and hybrid records
Recorded, available at any time


Understanding the new Revision of USP <1058> 
With examples and procedures for effective implementation

Recorded, available at any time


Understanding the New FDA Guidance for Validation of Analytical Methods

With 10+ best practice guides for easy implementation

Recorded, available at any time


Learning from Recent Warning Letters related to Part 11 and Computer Validation

With Clear Recommendations for Corrective and Preventive Actions

Recorded, available at any time


Transfer of Analytical Methods According to New FDA, USP and EU-GMP Guidelines
With SOPs, templates and examples for easy implementation
Recorded, available at any time


Validation and Use of Cloud Computing in FDA Regulated Environments

Comply with GXPs, Part 11, EU Annex 11 and other regulations

Recorded, available at any time


Understanding the New FDA Data Integrity Guidance
With examples and procedures for effective implementation

June 22, 2017


Contingency and Disaster Recovery Planning for Computer Systems
To Ensure Business Continuity and Compliance
June 26, 2017


Analytical Instrument Qualification According the new Revision of
USP <1058>

With SOPs, Templates and Examples for easy Implementation
Recorded, available at any time


FDA/EU Compliant Handling of OOX Test Results

Learn how to investigate out-of-trend (OOT) and out-of-expectation (OOE) vs. OOS results



Understanding Quality by Design for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Introduction to Principles, Regulatory Activities and Industry Practices

Recorded, available at any time


Impact of Quality by Design on the Analytical Laboratory

Learn through examples on development and validation of analytical procedures

Recorded, available at any time


Managing Electronic Raw Data in Regulated Environments

Definition, generation, evaluation and archiving for FDA, ICH, PIC/S and EU compliance

Recorded, available on demand


How to Prepare Yourself for FDA's on-going Part 11 Inspection Program

Learn what the FDA is looking for and how to respond



with 10+ validation  examples, seminar with FDA's Dennis Cantellops and Ludwig Huber and with 13 SOPs for easy implementation.




May 2017

Deviations related to the Quality system #1 in the MHRA GMP Inspection Deficiency Data Trend 2016

Like in 2015 Quality Systems related deviations appeared to be number one in the MHRA GMP inspection deficiency data trend. Number 2 is Sterility Assurance  followed by Production, Complaints and Recall, Qualification/validation, Premises and Equipment, Computerized Systems, Personnel, Documentation and quality Control. The report can be downloaded from the MHRA website.

Armenia / SCDMTE & Saudi Arabia / SFDA to apply to PIC/S

The Scientific Centre of Drug and Medical Technology Expertise (SCDMTE) of Armenia officially announced to the Committee that it would presently be submitting a membership accession application to PIC/S, further to its pre-accession application completed in 2014.
The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) was invited to attend the Committee meeting as guest and updated the Committee on its intent to lodge a PIC/S pre-accession or accession application in the near future
For more information on PIC/S activities, click here

Seven New In-Person Seminars in remaining 2017 with Dr. Ludwig Huber

Labcompliance has extended the offerings for in-Person workshops in several areas: "Data Integrity: FDA/EU Requirements and Implementation", "Validation and Part 11 Compliance of Computer Systems and Data", "GMP Compliance for Quality Control and Contract Laboratories", "Analytical Method Validation, Verification and Transfer", and "Analytical Instrument Qualification and System Validation". All workshops can be delivered as public and as in-house workshops. Currently the workshops are offered in USA and Europe. For a complete list of workshops with ordering process and links to pages with individual contents, click here.


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